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Elevate your horse's summertime experience with the AE Buzz Off Fly Sheet—an exceptional blend of durability, protection, and comfort. Meticulously crafted from a robust 1200D Polyester hatch weave, this fine mesh sheet not only mitigates tears but also stands as a formidable barrier against flies and harmful UV rays.

Key Features:

  1. 1200 Denier Polyester Hatch Weave: The AE Buzz Off Fly Sheet boasts a 1200D Polyester hatch weave, delivering unparalleled tear resistance. This robust construction ensures longevity and durability, making it a reliable shield against the elements.

  2. Custom AE Stainless Steel Hardware: Impeccably designed with custom AE stainless steel hardware, the Buzz Off Fly Sheet reflects a commitment to quality and durability. Every detail is crafted to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities, ensuring longevity and reliability.

  3. Lightweight and Breathable: Crafted with your horse's comfort in mind, this fine mesh sheet is lightweight and breathable. It provides a cool and ventilated environment, making it an ideal choice to shield your horse from the sun while ensuring they stay comfortable even in warmer temperatures.

  4. High Visibility Reflectors: Equipped with reflectors, the Buzz Off Fly Sheet enhances visibility during nighttime activities. This thoughtful feature ensures safety and adds an extra layer of protection when your horse is outdoors after dark.

  5. Detachable and Adjustable Belly Piece: The Buzz Off Fly Sheet offers versatility with its detachable and adjustable belly piece. This customizable feature allows you to tailor the sheet to your horse's specific needs and ensures a secure and comfortable fit.

  6. Enhanced Mobility with Shoulder Gusset: Featuring a shoulder gusset, the sheet provides increased mobility for your horse. This design element allows natural movement, ensuring your horse can graze, run, and play without restriction.

  7. Extra Comfort and Protection: A 210T Nylon lining at the shoulders, mane, wither, and tail flap enhances comfort and offers additional protection from rubbing, ensuring your horse's well-being.

  8. Tailored Hind Leg and Tail Straps: The Buzz Off Fly Sheet comes complete with hind leg straps and a tail strap option, ensuring a secure fit and minimizing the risk of the sheet slipping or shifting during wear.

  9. Reusable Alliance Equine Storage Bag: For added convenience, each Buzz Off Fly Sheet includes a reusable Alliance Equine storage bag. This ensures easy storage when not in use and keeps the sheet in optimal condition between seasons.

Invest in the ultimate combination of defense and comfort with the AE Buzz Off Fly Sheet—an indispensable accessory for the well-being of your equine companion.


Customer Reviews

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Barb Saunders
Fly Sheet

The sheet seems quite sturdy and well maid so far. It stays in place with some good metal clips
as well as some Velcro .

Madison Hussung
Buzz Off Fly Sheet

Great quality fly sheet! Love the color!

Erin Prodanuk
Strongest blanket on the market!

My gelding is on pasture board with 12 other horses. Needless to say, I’ve had to replace numerous blankets. His new AE fly sheet does not have a single snag anywhere! Even with clear evidence of horse shenanigans & rubbing on wooden fencing. 10/10 product! I won’t be spending another $ on a blanket without the AE logo

Lacey Terpsma
Fly sheet!

Fits great! Really nice material, not easy to rip and tear. The belly band is a good size and adjustable as well.
Blanket fits true to size as well!

Alexandra Cutul
Buzz off fly sheet is my favourite sheet!

Other Cloth fly sheets never last in the summer, getting caught on wire or other horses being rough way to much $$ for the way they hold up 🙃. This material is definitely a firmer way better durability than anything else on the market. I haven’t had an issue yet with rips

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